Why do you need interaction design?

Interaction design
Definition of interaction design

Interaction Design vs User Experience Design

Interaction design and user experience

5 Dimensions of Interaction Design

5 dimensions of interaction design

Concepts/Characteristics of interaction Design

goal driven characteristic in interaction design
redability in interaction design
usability in interaction design
learnability in interaction design
affordances in interaction design

Salient Points

  • Interaction design focuses on how users interact with things and utilizes effective communication principles to produce desired user experiences.
  • Words, Visual representations, Objects, Time, and Actions are the 5 dimensions of interaction design.
  • Interaction designers must keep in mind the purpose of the app or website and what is the end result that they expect and whether it aligns with users’ interests etc
  • Designing the placement of spaces, the font selection, icons, symbols, etc makes the application or product comprehensible to the users.
  • The application or web page should be easy to use.
  • It must be easy for the user to learn the interface.
  • The designer must add to the product clues about how to use it.



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