UX Challenges in Healthcare

UX Challenges faced by Healthcare

  • Accessibility & Compliance
  • Interoperability
  • Making users comfortable with healthcare without complex legacy systems
  • Desire to be Seen as Safe
  • Delivering simplified information without morphing the critical data
  • Refrain from inducing anxiety under any circumstance
  • Helping patients help themselves
  • Clinician-Focused
  • Multiple application occasions
  • Critical Nature of systems
  • The fast pace of healthcare domain development
  • Data sensitivity
  • Big variety of end-users
  • Use new technological innovations — wisely!

Salient Points

  • User interface and user experience for apps and websites in the healthcare industry must consider disabled people.
  • Apps and websites will have to communicate with other systems based on different technologies, this makes interoperability a challenging task.
  • Health care Websites and apps are required to be dependable hence there is resistance to pushing new UI, moreover they cater to people of all ages, so balancing between the old and young people is necessary.
  • Healthcare systems largely depend on legacy applications that are trusted and dependable, hence a new system will take time to earn the trust of users. This leads to slower replacement of old by new technologies.
  • The Healthcare industry handles large amounts of sensitive information so data security is an important aspect.



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