Importance of Wireframes in UI/UX design

Importance of wireframes in UI/UX design

Why are wireframes important?

Why are wireframes important?

Different types of wireframes

different types of wireframes
  1. Sketch
  2. Uxpin
  3. Adobe XD
  4. Justinmind
  5. Balsamiq Mockups

Salient Points

importance of wireframes in ui/ux design
  • Wireframes are the skeletal outline of web pages or apps.
  • They are used in the initial stages to iterate on the structure and layout.
  • Wireframing creates an end-to-end flow of the application.
  • Designers and developers can plan the experience of certain features and even redesign the logical flow based on the wireframes.
  • Wireframes give an idea about how the user is going to interact with the application.
  • Wireframes are categorized into low, mid, and high fidelity.



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