Importance of Negative and First-Time Scenarios in UX Design

Scenario in UX

user scenario in UX
  • A user scenario’s key advantage is that it always keeps the users at the forefront of the design process.
  • A user scenario should be created before proceeding with the general or actual design of a product.
  • Many process facts are revisited throughout scenario development. Scenario design is similar to telling someone a tale and then going over the key details again.
  • Scenarios are the most effective strategy for preparing for probable future events to produce a better product.

The Benefits of User Scenario

  • A user scenario’s key advantage is that it always keeps the users at the forefront of the design process.
  • A designer could provide a more accurate estimate of the project scale and difficulty as well as the time required to perform various activities since the user scenario clearly describes what a typical user wants to achieve and what kind of expectations he or she has from the product.
  • User scenarios will assist us in obtaining the precise journey or mind map of the product, which will enhance the designer’s workflow.
  • Identifying a product’s negative and positive states can be aided through user scenarios.
  • Additionally, user scenarios can assist designers in cracking the application’s user flow by placing the user first.

How to Define User Scenario?

what is a user scenarion
  • Prior to defining user scenarios, we must realize that regardless of who we are, we must adopt a user-centric perspective.
  • Provide both positive and negative scenarios for each module.
  • This procedure doesn’t have to be complex, but it does call for thoughtful consideration of various outcomes and scenarios.

What is a Negative and First-time Scenario?

blank state page
  • Let’s take Instagram as an example. As you are all aware, Instagram is arguably the most well-known and appreciated social media platform that allows us to engage digitally with our friends.
  • How does Instagram seem when a new user logs in for the first time? You can see that the page is not empty, and has some activity to keep users engaged. Instagram’s main line of business is to link us up with our real-world friends. As a result, when we sign up as a new members, they offer us alternatives such as connecting through Facebook or connecting with public figures.
empty state page
  • How the screen communicates with the user?
  • How the user performs an action that clears away the content?
404 error page
  • What happens if there is a connectivity error
  • What happens if the user causes the error
  • Is the error clearly defined and easily understood by the user?

Why is it Important to Design Negative and First-time Scenarios?

  • Well-designed screens can help us increase customer satisfaction, and encourage product engagement.
  • When designing a UX, these negative states and first-time scenarios are often disregarded, but if done properly, they will contribute to an engaging UX, and as a result, customers are less likely to switch to competing products.




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