How to align good UX concepts with client requirements

Pitching of design concepts to the client

pitching design ideas

Why Guiding Clients through references is important?

communicating with clients
  1. Quantitative Research Data
  2. Qualitative Research Data
  • Online Survey
  • Observation
  • Descriptive Research
  • correlation Research
  • User Interview
  • Ethnographic Research Modal
  • Historical Modal
  • Narrative Modal

Real Case Discussion between client and the designer

ux design case study
  • Explaining a scenario from a users perspective
  • Showed various UI guidelines and frameworks such as bootstrap, and material UI kit to help them understand that this is the industry standard

Salient Points

  • By keeping the end user in mind, we assist the customer in achieving his business goal.
  • Use a variety of research findings to demonstrate and validate to reach a consensus on various standoff points.
  • Inform the client about the industry standards and best practices.



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